Professional Visit: Biomass District Heating
Professional Visit: Biomass District Heating

Thrusday 28 SEPT. 15:00 h. Departure from Fairground entrance (Avda. Ramón Pradera, 3)

Energy Services in a Mixed District Heating for 1,488 homes and 140,000 m². Two homeowners communities in Torrelago - Laguna de Duero (Valladolid) with 31 buildings built between 1978 and 1981 have signed an energy services contract with VEOLIA as part of the CITyFiED project. The solutions applied are: the reduction of energy demand by 50% using static measurements on the casings of the buildings and dynamic measurements in the energy generation and distribution process. The production mix incorporates renewable and conventional energies and cogeneration and production-optimisation systems according to demand. It has two power plants: one with three biomass boilers with a nominal power of 3,450 kW and a conventional plant with a nominal power of 8,715 kW.

The heat network of the University of Valladolid. The project is being developed by the University of Valladolid in conjunction with Empresa Pública de Medio Ambiente de Castilla y León (SOMACYL). The new biomass District Heating biomass provides a heating and domestic hot water service for 31 buildings, supplying an additional 22,000 MWh per year to the grid as a whole. The Thermal Power Plant consists of two annexed buildings: one housing three boilers with a total nominal power of 14 MW; and the other storing the chips.

The Lanzadera Universitaria de Centros de Investigación Aplicada (LUCIA) – Universidad de Valladolid building has become a reference in terms of sustainability, efficiency and energy-decentralization and for boosting local energy potential. It has a cogeneration system based on the gasification of forest chips covering most of the building's electricity (100 kWe) and heat (180 kWt) requirements, with a consumption of 100-125 kg/h. Furthermore, a 300-kW biomass boiler acts as a support system. For cooling, there is a 176-kW absorption chiller and a 215-kW water-air cooler which kicks in if the absorption system fails. The storage area automatically supplies the reactor and boiler by means of a moving floor.

District Heating in Olmedo (Valladolid) provides heating and domestic hot water for the two buildings of Residencia Nicolás Rodríguez, the two buildings of CEIP Tomás Romojaro and the "La Alborada" Nursery. The heat production plant has been located in a new building which, through a network of buried pipes, supplies thermal energy to the 5 boiler rooms. The new facility has two thermal-power 300-kW biomass boilers that work with pellets. The biomass installation has a control system for remote management of the thermal energy meters and the status of the biomass boilers.