19 / 05 / 15
Jean-Marc Jossart, secretary of the European Biomass Association: “AEBIOM becomes an Expobiomasa Collaborator in 2015”
AEBIOM provides a single voice for bioenergy sector in Europe

Since the first event in 2006, the European Biomass Association  - AEBIOM - has always been involved, in some way, in the activities held during the annual fair specialising in Bioenergy in Valladolid (Spain), organised by AVEBIOM.
For example, at the last event Christian Rakos, Board member of AEBIOM and President of the European Pellet Council (EPC) offered his viewpoint on the future of the pellet market at the International Bioenergy Congress. Moreover, Rakos was given the job of awarding the ENplus certificates to companies that were new to the certification system at a ceremony held within the framework of the fair. At the same time, both myself, as General Secretary of AEBIOM, and other representatives of the EPC were also present at the annual meeting of the Association, which, in 2014, was held in Valladolid to coincide with Expobiomasa.
From our point of view, Expobiomasa is one of the Big Five bioenergy events in the world and, obviously, it is necessary if your business wants to be in contact with enterprises in Spain or Portugal, but, in addition, it is the gateway to Europe for South American companies because the event sees thousands of visitors and enterprises attending each year.
Furthermore, Spain in one of the countries where the biomass sector has grown enormously over recent years and, therefore, it is one of the markets with many investment opportunities. As can be seen in the AEBIOM annual report, consumption in Spain has gone from 175,000 tonnes of wood pellets in 2012 to 430,000 in 2014. In this sense, we firmly believe that Expobiomasa and the networking possibilities that it offers stakeholders has had a great deal to do with this growth.
AVEBIOM, the Spanish association, has formed part of AEBIOM since it was founded in 2004. This relationship has been especially important in recent years as Marcos Martín, Vice-president of both AEBIOM and the EPC, has been put in charge of AVEBIOM’s International Relations.
AEBIOM provides a single voice for bioenergy sector in Europe, where the aim is to develop a sustainable market and ensure favourable business conditions for its members. AEBIOM is an international non-profit association, located in Brussels. Founded in 1990, the organisation brings together 29 national associations and around 90 companies from all over Europe that represent, indirectly, over 4,000 members, among which are mainly to be found technology companies and centres.
The new position as an Expobiomasa Collaborator, which AEBIOM has acquired in 2015, responds to the intensification of the collaboration between both organisations and the need to formalise the commitment and support that, in reality, have already existed for a long time. Furthermore, AEBIOM is currently increasing and improving its communications strategy. One of the main objectives is to promote awareness of biomass among end consumers by means of the recently launched BIOMASS COUNTS campaign, and collaborating in events like this one is perfectly in line with this renewed strategy.
Jean-Marc Jossart
General Secretary of AEBIOM