05 / 09 / 17
Expobiomasa gives its 2017 Innovation Award to the company Biocurve for its wood chip condensing boiler.
Expobiomasa premia a Biocurve
The jury has awarded to runners-up prizes to the Austrian company Windhager and the Italian Tiemme Electtronica.

Jorge Herrero, Director of Expobiomasa: "Companies in the sector are responding to the new demands of biomass users, which include digital technology, comfort and energy-savings."

Expobiomasa has awarded its 2017 Innovation Award to the Aragonese company Biocurve for its BCA200 project: the first wood chip condensing boiler to return a record power of 200 kW, double the largest biomass condensing boiler designed to date.

Expobiomasa has also awarded two 2017 Innovation Award runners-up prizes to the Austrian firm Windhager, in recognition of the Zero-Emissions technology of its PuroWIN boiler thanks to its gasification burner; and the Italian company TiEmme Electtronica, for the development of its 4Heat project, a wi-fi device for the remote control and operation of biomass heating systems.

The jury of the 11th edition of the Innovation Awards was made up of representatives from Conaif, Ciemat, Cener, Energetica XXI and Avebiom and analysed 40 entries. The members assessed the projects’ technological component and degree of innovation, as well as their originality, practicality and contribution to energy-saving.

Technology and comfort

Jorge Herrero, Director of Expobiomasa and secretary of the jury for the 2017 Innovation Award, highlighted the important efforts being made by companies in the sector in Europe and in Spain in particular "to respond to the new requirements of biomass users, who demand above all technology and, more specifically, digital services for the complete, comfortable and simple control of their facilities; in other words, comfort and energy-savings."

Herrero also highlighted the significant number of entries for the awards and their high level of innovation, "whose level of technological development is already ahead of that achieved by other energy sources."

According to Jorge Herrero, in the eleven editions held to date, the Innovation Awards given by Expobiomasa “have received a total of 258 entries and awarded 82,000 euros in recognition of the best innovations in the sector."

2017 Innovation Award: Biocurve

The Aragonese company, whose production plant is located in Vizcaya, has developed a highly innovative project: the BCA200 wood chip condensing boiler. Its design optimises heat exchange in an ultra-compact space with a rotary burner and automatic cleaning.

The BCA200 offers an extraordinary improvement in wood chip performance: between 102 and 105%, 10-15% higher than conventional boilers. Consequently, it also offers high performance in fuel economy.

With minimal emissions, the BCA200 also incorporates integral remote control of the boiler from a smartphone or computer.

BCA200 boilers stand out because they can be installed in cascade and can heat areas of more than 10,000 square meters. Homeowners associations, companies and public buildings, such as hospitals or residences, are optimal users of this type of boiler.

Two runners-up prizes

The ZERO-EMISSIONS technology of the PuroWIN boiler designed by the Austrian company Windhager has been awarded a runners-up prize for its upstream gasification burner, which burns wood chips and pellets with almost zero emissions. This burner creates a layer of active carbon that filters the fumes, generating only 1mg/MJ of particles (more than ten times below the strictest emission limits), and does not need a filter. The PuroWIN boiler is designed for all kinds of customers, but especially for facilities which, for regulatory reasons, require a non-emissions system.

And the Italian firm Tiemme Electtronica has been recognised with another runners-up prize for its 4Heat project: a plug and play device that connects directly to (new or already installed) equipment and the home wi-fi. It also has a server to manage the database and a very easy-to-use App for Android and iOS smartphones that puts end users in complete control of their home or building. It manages to control and manage the temperature of the rooms and increase energy savings.