18 / 05 / 15
‘Biomass in your Home’ campaign achieves its aims and says goodbye until after the summer
‘Biomass in your Home’ (Biomasa en tu Casa) visited four Spanish regions in five weeks

The tour promoted and organised by AVEBIOM and IDAE , which began in Valladolid on 26th February and ended up in Burgos on 29th March after stopping in Vitoria, Logroño and Guadalajara, will hit the road again from October to travel to at least another five Spanish cities before the year’s end.

So far, the assessment and final evaluation of the activity during the first leg could not be more positive. According to Jorge Herrero, who is responsible for the project for AVEBIOM, “we have managed to define a touring exhibition with educational contents that can be understood by the public by providing clear, contrasted information, and this has helped generate a correct opinion among the locals in the places we have visited as to the advantages of using biomass as a heat source in our homes.” For Herrero, the key is to meet the challenge of “showing different solutions with biomass use for homes alongside the equipment – boilers, stoves and fireplaces, in operation.” The objective was “to take the concept of the home into the street, and the contrast with the cold outside conditions has helped us a lot to let the public approach the intense homely heat that biomass provides in a direct and noticeable way”.

Although the organisers are sure that the exhibition has been a busy place, they also agree that it has been complex to count the exact numbers of visitors to an activity that takes place in the street – to be exact, in the busiest spots – at each location. For that reason they have used two indicators to measure an approximate through-flow of people. Firstly, they counted the number of brochures handed out: 16,800 during the first stage and another 5,600 distributed through collaborating enterprises at different points of sale. Secondly, they estimated a calculation of “visual impact” in each of the cities visited. AVEBIOM believes that around 90,000 people passed through the road show or saw it from nearby areas.

The organisers of 'Biomass in your Home' ( 'Biomasa en tu casa' ) say they are satisfied with the results and the response not only from the public but also from Councils and collaborating organisations.