Friday 29 SEPT. 11:00 - 13:00 h. ENplus Room, hall 1.

COSE, ASEMFO and AVEBIOM organize a DEBATE on the forest biomass trade in which the main managers and responsible for biomass purchases of the leading companies in the sector (bioelectricals, exporters, ESCO, pellet manufacturers, ...). They will answer the ques-tions that the forestry sector is asking today.

What questions will be answered:

  • What short-term expectations does the sector have when it comes to buying forest biomass for energy use?
  • What can the forest owners, the forestry companies or the forest administration do to be more attractive in the market?
  • How will the energy use of forest biomass evolve?

It is aimed at owners, forest salers, sawing and recycling industries, who are eager to know the opinion on current market expectations and medium term demand from some of the most active buyers of forest biomass in Spain.

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Free entrance until capacity is completed. Reservation of places in the tel: 0034 975 10 20 20